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Hotchaa! Heroes

Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav
Best Chilli oil so far The best thing about this chilli oil is that it goes with everything, enhances the taste of the food and it doesn't contain msg.
Maalavika Manoj
Maalavika Manoj
Hotchaa is addictively good For anyone interested in buying hotchaa, you may as well bulk order because you’ll be so hooked that you won’t stop at just one (bite or bottle). My personal favourites are the OG and the peanut chilli crisp. Be prepared for every other chilli oil you try to be ruined forever.
Hot, spicy🌶 and very tasty Chilli oil is so spicy and tasty.Finally i found a better chilli oil for my noodles.
Bhavika Rajendra Thawani
Bhavika Rajendra Thawani
The best chilli oil. I am amazed at the quality and taste of this product! Soo delicious, and multipurpose. Love the spicy and sweet flavour, that to at such an affordable price. Loved it
Sidharth Saluja
Sidharth Saluja
Spicy and tasty! Very nice n yummy taste. Good according to the price as well.
Preksha Paliwal
Preksha Paliwal
Great if you love spicy food 🌶️ It is a very flavor filled oil. You only need a little bit.You can use it with your noodles or even with dal/chaawal. 😍Important to not that it says chilli oil but it has a lot of garlic in it!!
prachi sawant
prachi sawant
So lovely Absolutely loved it being a chef I can't compliment it enough
Must Buy This product gives such a spicy and flavourful kick to my daily meals, it's a must-buy and everyone should try!!
Delicious So good and and goes with everything with a spicy kick
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
So good! Put it on everything Loved the spice factor along with the zesty flavour. A step above other chilli oils in the market - use it on everything from eggs to noodles. Really adds a good kick to any dish.

Spicy Specifics​

Hotchaa! is all about Indian heat with International flavours, magical gourmet creations with the best local Indian chillies and spices. Our chilli oils and hot sauces are sometimes fiery, sometimes piquant and always rich with intriguingly complex flavours. Designed to elevate any meal, Hotchaa! products are made with the freshest locally sourced ingredients – with no MSG, and zero trans fats. Paired with a vast variety of foods, Hotchaa!’s gotcha covered from dollop to drizzle to dip.

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Chilli Oil is a condiment made with oil and a blend of spices and chilli peppers. It is
commonly used alongside Asian Cuisine specifically with Noodle Soups and Dimsums.
Hotchaa! Is an all-purpose chilli oil that is a versatile blend of secret spices and a curated mix of Indian Chillies infused in Rice Bran Oil (which is considered much healthier than Seed Oil). Its umami goodness allows you to pair it with not just Asian but all cuisines and all food types to elevate any and every meal. It can also be used to cook interesting recipes.

Hotchaa! condiments play well with all cuisines and food types from Indian, Italian, Asian
and Continental. You can pair them with Momos, Idlis, Eggs, Noodles, Burgers, Pizzas, Fries,
Fish, Chicken, Paneer, Thepla, Chips, Vadas and even Khichdi. It even makes just plain old
rice more exciting. To know more check out recommended pairings

Absolutely! Hotchaa! products can be used to make an abundance of interesting recipes
from Stir Fries, Quesadillas, Eggs and much more. You can even make your regular sandwich
snack more interesting with a dollop of some Hotchaa! sauce or chilli oil. To know more
check the recipes page 

A truffle is a member of the fungi family prized for its earthy, woodsy flavour and aroma
that its fans find intoxicating. Hotchaa! Truffle Hot Sauce exudes luxurious notes of truffle
that come together to transform every dish into a culinary work of art.

Hotchaa! products have a completely unique flavour profile which will go well with
everything you throw at them. Bursting with a fragrant, umami goodness, Hotchaa! oils and
sauces are infused with secret spices to add the perfect balance of heat, depth and
complexity. In addition Hotchaa! uses NO MSG (which is present in most other chilli oils),
Rice Bran Oil and Olive Oil (which is a healthier alternative to Seed oil) and has ZERO added

A geographical indication (GI) is a label given to products that have a specific geographical
origin and possess a special reputation that are due to that origin. Byadgi, a town in Haveri
district of Karnataka, is known for its highly famed Red Chilies that adds deep red colour
naturally to your recipes. These Chilies have been a secret ingredient in the traditional south
Indian recipes for centuries, and maintain their quality to this day. Hotchaa! features these
special chillies, bringing you the fiery goodness of Karnataka’s best!

Our OG packs the maximum heat followed by the Peanut Chilli Crisp and then the Chilli Oil Verde which has a more tangy profile.

Our products have a shelf life of 12 months and need not be refrigerated. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Always use a dry, clean spoon to serve our chili oil. Since the chili flakes settle at the bottom, stir well first and then scoop out a mixture of the oil and the solid bits.

  • Incorporate it in dressings for cold dishes such as Cantonese White Chicken, Smashed Cucumber, Boiled Eggs.
  • Spice up Noodles, Ramen, Pho, Wonton Soup or Laksa. OG is excellent with all kinds of rice and noodles, while our Peanut Chilli crisp pairs beautifully with Parmesan cheese and Pasta.
  • Pair our Verde with all kinds of parathas, khichadis, dosas and chilas – if you’re having plain daal and rice, all our variants make a delicious accompaniment
  • Use it as a dipping sauce for Momos, Dumplings, Bao Buns or even fries and chips.
  • Smother any of our variants on tikis, kababs and kathi rolls
  • Use in sandwiches, over crepes, burgers or pizza
  • Use it in absolutely any dish that needs a flavor boost

Our products have a 12 months shelf life

It will definitely make your pizza spicy and also enhance the taste.

It goes brilliantly with any kind of rice, even plain rice.

Our Chilli Oils do not need refrigeration once opened. Just store them away from direct
sunlight. The hot sauces should be kept in the fridge once you open them.

The hot sauces contain garlic, the OG Chilli oil contains garlic, and the Chilli Oil Verde and
Peanut Chilli crisp contain garlic as well as onions.

Please refer to the picture of the back of the pack. All information is provided.

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